July 18, 2024

The summer transfer window has brought a lot of interesting transfers to the Old Trafford of Manchester United. The team has already managed to sign Lukaku, Rashford, Martial, and Martial again. The club has also managed to get a lot from the transfer market, and now it is time to find the right solution for the team’s problems.

The main problem of the team is the lack of a good goalkeeper. It is obvious that the club needs a good one, who can prevent the goals from the opponents and allow the team to score goals.
The list of the most likely candidates for the position of the new goalkeeper include:
1. Lukaku. The young goalkeeper of the club has already become a good replacement for the injured Wayne Rooney. He is a good finisher and has a good technique. He also has a great potential to become a great goalkeeper.
2. De Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper became the best goalkeeper in the world in the last season. He has a very good technique, and he is able to make a good save even from a player who is very close to him.
3. Nacho. The Argentinean goalkeeper became a good substitute for the goalkeeper of Manchester City. He showed good results, and the club is interested in signing him. He can become a replacement for De Geas, but the club will have to pay a lot for him. However, he is a very promising goalkeeper. He needs to be developed, and this can be done by the club.
4. Saha. The Indian goalkeeper became an excellent goalkeeper, and his performance was good. He was able to show a good game for the club, and it is possible that he will become the main goalkeeper of United.
5. Smalling. The English goalkeeper became one of the best in the club’ goalkeeper category. He became a great substitute for De Griezmann, and Smalling showed a good performance.
6. Matic. The Czech goalkeeper became another excellent goalkeeper. The performance of the goalkeeper was good, and so was the development of his career.
7. Rashford. The forward of the Red Devils became a very successful player. He managed to score a lot, and became a leader of the squad.
8. Martial. The Frenchman became a really good player, and managed to become one of Manchester’ United’ best players. He scored a lot and became the leader of his team.
9. Pogba. The French player became a star player in the team, and has become a leader.
10. Rooney. The striker of Manchester united became a famous player, but he is not able to play in the field.
In the next season, the club should find a good solution for this problem, because the team needs to find a new goalkeeper. There are a lot candidates for this position, but it is necessary to find one who can become the leader and a good player for the new team. The main thing is that the new coach of the United will have a good choice of players.
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Football transfers in the summer
The transfer window of the Premier League of England has come to an end, and there were a lot interesting transfers. The most interesting transfers are:
* De Jong to PSG;
* Cavani to Juventus;
* Sane to Napoli;
* De Jong and Cavani for PSG.
Among the most interesting players of the transfers, we can note:
· Lukaku;
· De Jong;
· Pogba;
• Rashford;
As for the transfers of the main stars of the league, we should note:

* De Gean;

· Smalling;
· Matic;
· Sane.
It is clear that the summer transfer market of the English Premier League is very active, and we can expect to see a lot more transfers in this season.
However, the main transfer of the season was the one that will be remembered by many fans. It was the signing of Lukaku from Everton. The player is a young player, who is able not only to replace the injured Rooney, but also to become an excellent substitute for Rooney.
This season, Everton will have the following tasks:
• to get into the Champions League zone;
• get into a good position in the Premier league table;
It will be interesting to watch the performance of Lukaku in the matches of the Everton.
Lukaku’ transfer to Everton was a great success, and many fans are expecting a lot in the next year. The transfer of Lukuaku will help the team not only in the Champions league, but in the domestic championship too.
Main transfers of summer transfer windows
The season of the football has already ended, and fans of the sport are waiting for the results of the matches. The season ended with a lot transfers. Among the most important transfers were:
â—Ź De Jong from PSG to the French club;
â—Ź Cavani from Juventus to the Italian club;
â—Ź Sane from Napoli to the Spanish club.

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