April 17, 2024

Barcelona have signed Paulinho from Manchester City for a fee of about €40 million. The Portuguese has been in the club for a few years now and is a player who can be considered a specialist in the defensive line. The player has already managed to score a few goals for the team, which is a good sign for the club.
The club also signed a number of players who can help the team in the future. These include:
* David Silva;
* Jordi Alba;
* Sergio Busquets.
All of them are expected to help the club in the long run.

In the summer, the club will have to decide who will replace the injured Messi. The club will also have to choose between Messi and Suarez.
You can follow the latest news on the club on the website of sports statistics.
Barça’s Prospects in the Next Season
In summer, Barcelona will have a lot of changes. The team will be strengthened by the following players:
1. Paulinho. The signing of the player is a positive one for the Barcelona. The previous season, the team lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League. The fact that the team managed to get into the playoffs is a great sign. The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The players are not ready to do the work in the team and do their best. The coach of the club, Ernesto Valverde, has to find a way to solve the problem.
2. Messi. In the summer Messi will leave the team. The reasons for this are the following:
· The fact he is not getting enough playing time;
·2. He is not able to find the form that he had in the previous season.
3. Suarez. The Uruguayan is the team captain. He has a lot to do and does not want to leave the club and go to another team.
4. Busquet. The goalkeeper of the Spanish team is not the best goalkeeper in the world. He needs to be replaced.
5. Jordi Mas. The young goalkeeper has a good chance to become a starter.
6. Sergi Roberto. The defender is a young player who needs to improve his game.
7. Gerard Piquet. He was the main player of the previous team. He can be replaced by the young player.
8. Pique. The midfielder is a bit unstable. He did not score many goals.
9. Dalbert. The forward is a scorer but he is a little bit unstable and does a lot in the attack.
10. Busquett.
11. Sergi.
12. Messi.
13. Suarez. He will not be able to play in the next season. The problem is that he is still young.
In addition to the above, the players will have some problems with injuries.
Will the team be able not to miss Messi?
The main problem for the Catalans is the fact that they do not have a good goalkeeper. The other problem is the injury of Suarez. In addition to that, the young players are unstable.
However, the Catalan team is a strong team and it is possible to win the Champions league. The Catalans have a number 1 goalkeeper in Sergi, who is able to save the team from the danger.
At the moment, the main problem is not Messi, but the lack in motivation of the players. The situation in the squad is not good, which can be seen from the fact the team has not won the Champions in the last 3 years.
If the team does not win the next year, then it will be difficult for Ernesto to get the victory in the tournament.
Live Results of the Football Matches
The season of the Champions is coming to an end. The fans of the sport are waiting for the final match of the season. It is also interesting to watch the live results of the matches.
This season, there are a lot more interesting matches. The teams have to play against each other in the group stage. The most interesting games are:
• Real Madrid – Barcelona;
•3-0 – Juventus;
3-1 – Inter.
Each of the teams has a number one goalkeeper in each of the games. The goalkeepers are able to make a save in each match.
It is also possible to watch live results on the sports statistics website. The website provides information on the latest matches, as well as the results of other matches. It also provides the live scores of the football matches. You can find the information about the matches of the national teams, aswell as the matches between the clubs.
New Season in the Spanish Cup
The Spanish Cup is the most popular tournament among fans. The tournament is held every year and is one of the most important tournaments of the country. This year, the tournament will be held in a new format. The format of the tournament is similar to the Champions Cup. The new format will be more interesting to fans.

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