April 17, 2024

The club from Madrid has offered a contract to the goalkeeper of Manchester United, but the club has not yet decided on the price.
The club has already signed a goalkeeper, but it is not the one who will be the main one in the team. The club will look for a goalkeeper who will not only be able to save the ball, but also be able not to miss it.

The new contract will be valid for two years, and it will be worth €40 million. The goalkeeper will be able, for example, to choose between the clubs of the Champions League.
However, the club will not give up on the signing of a new goalkeeper, because it is necessary to find a good one.
Who Will Be the Main Goalkeeper of Manchester City?
The team of Josep Guardiola has already made a number of transfers in the offseason. Among them, we can highlight the following:
1. A goalkeeper. The team has already bought a goalkeeper from the Spanish La Liga, and the club is now looking for a new one. The new goalkeeper will become the main goalkeeper of the team, because the club needs to have a number one in every match.
2. The acquisition of a defender. The previous summer, the team had a number 1, but he was injured. Now, the new player is a defender, and he will be useful for the team in every position.
3. A midfielder. The transfer of Riyad Mahrez from Liverpool is a good example of the club’s transfer policy. The player will become a midfielder, and his main task will be to help the goalkeeper.
4. Another defender. This summer, Manchester United signed Lukaku, who will become one of the main defenders of the Red Devils. The other defender is James Wilson, who was a goalkeeper of Everton.
5. An attacking midfielder. This player is Alexis Sanchez, who is the main striker of the Gunners.
6. Also a forward. The most important transfer of the offseason was the signing by the club of Christian Pulisic, who became the club’s main forward.
7. Manchester City also signed a defender from the Championship, which is a new signing for the club.
8. In the summer, Guardiola also signed the goalkeeper from Valencia, who has already played for the first team.
9. There is also a goalkeeper for the youth team, and this player is David de Gea.
10. The last transfer of Guardiola’ s team is a midfielder.
All these transfers are good for the development of the game of the players of the Royal Blues.
Will the Team Be Able to Win the Champions?
Now, the Royal Club is in a good shape, and its main task is to win the Champions league. The main rivals of the City of Manchester are the Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Royal Club has a good squad, and now it is ready to do its best to win.
In the Champions tournament, the main rivals are the following teams:
* Liverpool;
*2. Manchester United;
3 Real Madrid;
4 Bayern;
5 Juventus;
6 Atletico.
Now the team of Guardiola has a number 2, a number 3, a goalkeeper and a number 4. The first goalkeeper is the one that the team will look at, because he will become its main one. He will be a good choice, because now the team has a lot of good players, and they will be in a position to make a number in the Champions.
Of course, the signing a new player will also be a priority for the Royal club. The signing of the goalkeeper will help the team to have the number 1 in the starting line.
What Will Become of the Team in the Next Season?
In order to have an advantage in the fight for the title, the City will need to do a lot in the next season. The following factors will help it to win:
· Good selection of players in the squad;
·2. Good teamwork. The players will be ready to help each other;
2· Good management. The coach has a great team, so he will not leave anything to chance.
There is still time for the City to get into the Champions, but now it has a chance to win it. The fight for it will begin in the near future, and we will see how the team performs in the championship.
You can always follow the development in the game on the website of sports statistics, where you will find the latest information from the world of your favorite sports.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The season of the English Premier League has already ended, and there is still a lot to be seen. The strongest team of the championship is Manchester City, which will be interesting to follow in the coming season.
It is not surprising that the main intrigue of the season is the fight to the champion title. The City has a really good squad and will be one of its main competitors.
This season, the Red devils had a really busy transfer campaign, which also affected the fight against the main contenders. The transfers of Riyah and Martial were really successful, and their impact on the team is obvious.

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