May 23, 2024

The summer transfer window has come to an end, and it is time to see who will be the main contenders for the coveted positions at the club.
In the last season, Real Madrid managed to win the Champions League and the Spanish Super Cup, but the club has not been able to win La Liga.
This summer, the club strengthened its roster significantly, and the following players have been signed:
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Gareth Bale;
• Karim Benzema;
· Luka Modric;
– and much more.
The main goal of the club is to win gold medals in all tournaments, so the main task for the team is to find a suitable replacement for Cristiano.
However, the main question is who will replace Modrić, who is already in the final stage of his career.
Will the Portuguese player be able to compete with the leaders of the team in the future?
The answer to this question is quite simple: no.
It is very difficult to replace Modridić, because the player has already achieved a lot and is considered one of the best players in the world.
Therefore, the Portuguese will be able only to try to improve his position in the team and become a key player of the new team.

The following players are the main competitors for the position of Modriča in the new season:
1. Gareth Bale.
2. Luka Jovic.
3. Cristiano Riera.
4. Dani Carvajal.
5. Karim Bellingham.
6. Keylor Navas.
7. Pepe.
8. Isco.
9. Sergio Ramos.
10. Sergio Ceballos.
11. Isco and Isco’s partners.
Of course, the list of competitors is not complete, but it is enough to mention the following:
· Bale;
·Luka Jovovic;
·Cristiano Riero;
· Carvajo;
– and many others.
All of them have already managed to achieve a good result in the Spanish championship.
Real Madrid is a team that can compete with Barcelona, but this season, the Catalans are not at their best, and this fact is the main reason for the failure of the Royal Club.
If the team wins the Champions league, it will be very difficult for the Royal club to win a title.
Moreover, the team has a lot of problems in the domestic championship, so it is very important for the club to find new partners for Modriac.
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As for the main candidates for the positions of Modric, it is worth highlighting the following ones:
• Karima Benzema.
•Luka Modri.
– who is able to replace the Portuguese.
There are many reasons for this, but first of all, the player is the most experienced player in the club, and he has already won a lot.
Also, the Madrid team has many leaders, and Modri is not the only one who can replace the player.
Thus, the following teams are the most likely candidates for Modric’s position:
● Barcelona;
● Real Sociedad;
● ​​Bayern;
and many more.
If Real Madrid fails to win any trophy in the next season, then the club will be forced to look for a new goalkeeper.
That is why it is important to understand the main tasks of the next coach.
Who will be his partners?
In summer, Real Societaty was strengthened significantly, so now the club can compete against the leaders in the Champions club tournament.
Among the new players, we can highlight the following names:
– Sergio Ramos;
– Sergio Córdoba;
– Isco;
— Isco’s partners. The players of the Madrid club have already won several titles in the national championship. They are able to help the team to win more trophies.
So, the new coach will have to choose the right partners for his team. It is worth noting that the new club is not a newcomer to the Spanish league, so they have already been playing there for several seasons.
They will have a lot to learn, because they have not yet managed to find the right balance between the club and the national team. However, they are already a good team, so there is no reason for them to give up.
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For example, in the last few seasons, Real has been able not only to win many trophies, but also to become a contender for the Champions Cup.

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