June 14, 2024

The Portuguese season is already in full swing, and the main event of the season is the final of the championship. The decisive matches are held in the middle of the tournament, and this means that the predictions for the upcoming matches are very important.
The first matches of the campaign were very successful for the team from Porto. The team managed to win the first four matches of this season, and now it is almost certain that the team will be able to win a place in the Champions League zone.
This is a very important task for the club, because the Portuguese team is one of the main contenders for the title. The main rival of the team is Benfica. The two clubs have a long history of playing against each other, and they have already met in the Portuguese Cup final.
However, the Benfiquistas are not the only team that will be fighting for the champion title. There are also a lot of outsiders, who are ready to fight for the places in the Europa League zone and the Europa Cup.
In the Portuguese championship, the teams play against each another in the following matches:
* 1/16;
* 2/16, and
* 3/16.
These are the most important matches of each round, and it is important to predict the outcome of them.

The following predictions for these matches are based on the results of the previous matches.
1. 1/8 – 1/4
The team from Lisbon started the season very well, and in the first rounds they managed to take the first place in their group. However, the team was not able to show the desired results in the remaining matches. This is a good sign that the season will be long and difficult for the Portuguese club.
2. 1-0 win over Porto
In this round, the Portuguese players were very confident. The first goal was scored by the team’s goalkeeper, and after that the fans were able to see the ball coming from the goalkeeper’ head. However it was not the last goal of the Portuguese defense, as the team managed also to score a goal in the penalty area.
3. 0-1 win over Benficas
The second round of the Championship of Portugal was very successful. The Benficans were defeated by the Lisbon team 1-1. The score was 0:1, and at the end of the match, the fans saw the ball hit the goal from the Benfi club’ goalkeeper.
4. 2-1 victory over Benalcázar
The third round of Portugal’ championship was not successful for Benfico. The club lost 2-0 against the Lisbon. The last goal was the result of a mistake of the Benfan’ club goalkeeper. The goal was also scored by a penalty kick.
5. 3-1 defeat of Porto
In round three, the Porto team was defeated by Benficial. The final score was 3:1. This means that in the match against the team of Lisbon, the club lost the ball in the last minute of the game.
6. 4-1 loss to Sporting
The Sporting team was very confident in the matches against Benfic. The Sporting team managed not to lose the ball and scored 4 goals in the course of the matches. In the final round, Sporting lost 2:1 against Benalcezar.
7. 5-1 triumph over Portimonense
The sixth round of Portuguese championship was very interesting for the fans. The Portimonenses were defeated 5:1 by the Sporting team. The match ended with the victory of the Sporting players over the Portimonenses.
8. 6-1 score over Benlum
The seventh round of championship of Portugal ended with a score of 6:1 in favor of Sporting. The victory was the first in the history of the club. The fans were very pleased with the result, as they saw the Sporting player score 6 goals in a row.
9. 7-1 over Portela
The eighth round of Championship of Portugal ended with 7:1 victory for Sporting. In this match, Sporting players scored 7 goals in one match.
10. 8-1 against Porto, the final score
In a match between Porto and Sporting, the score was 8:1 for the Sporting club. In total, the Sporting won the match by 7 goals.
11. 9-1, the victory in the final
In match against Portela, the Lisbon club won the final match by 9 goals. This result is not the best, but it is a great result for the Lisbon players.
12. 10-1
The final match of Portuguese Championship ended with 10 goals. The Lisbon team won the game by 10 goals, and as a result, the champion of Portugal title was won.
All the results for the matches of Portuguese football championship can be found on the sports statistics website.
Now, the season has already ended, and all the results are available for the users. The results of matches of other championships can be watched on the website of sports statistics.
Portugese football results
The season of the national championship of the country has already come to its end.

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